Career Options – Your Choice of Career & Your Decision

When you consider your Career Options and what career choices are open to you, you really must take into account all of your achievements that you have accomplished in your career, but not just that, you must also take into account everything that you would have wished you had achieved – as something to aspire to and set your goals on fire.

Your career options are not limited to what you did in your present or last job, so why did you choose to go into that line of work? Do you want to do something similar again or would you prefer to do something different?

Do you know the role that your career anchors play in making your career choices and decisions?

Look at some of the options and career choices below, or start here if you need help in getting motivated and to get back to work. Read this page for some more ideas for Women in Business.

The record indicates that job retraining doesn’t help everyone. A new trend is now developing which allows displaced workers to market their knowledge or skills in a whole new way.

For some advertised jobs, you need to know about filling in a job application form. You may be asked to contact the employer to get a copy of the application form in the first instance, but if you need to fill in an application form to apply for the job, these are the main things to think about. Get this right and the rest is easy.

Career Options To Consider

Have you ever had a burning ambition to do something different, like take up writing as a career, or dreamed of finding your ideal career but are unsure what job you want to do? Have you considered any other jobs or career options?

An IT career is extremely lucrative and provides excellent career prospects and rapid career progression compared to other industries. Almost all US and indeed international businesses rely on IT in an assortment of specialist areas.

There are many choices for Music-Based Careers, which are always popular and ambitions for many. It’s not just about being a pop star; careers in music include jobs such as music lawyers, admin, support staff, and sound engineering. In addition to solo performance careers, there are performance opportunities in chamber music, folk, rock, and pop music, as well as free-lance concert and studio opportunities.

Performance careers differ widely and depend a great deal upon the instrument played and the performance medium. It is a valid choice to make as a career, get information on careers in music.

Becoming a Personal Assistant may be an interesting career change option for you. Click to find out why.

If you like the idea of helping people and customers to enhance your employer’s reputation, then customer service jobs could be a great career option for you.

Have you considered Teaching English as a Foreign Language? Here we expand on the examples, and have no doubt you will be excited by the possibilities. Teaching English will never have been such fun or as effective! And you might want to find out how to ace your next Teacher Interview.

You could try one of many Wedding Jobs which are growing in demand as the cost of weddings escalate. Wedding coordinators save time, money and stress! And in a similar vein find out more about event planning careers which are also more in demand.

nursing career may appeal to you because you are able to help those who are ill. As medical science has improved through the years, it has opened a lot of opportunities for those who want to be part of this specialized field. Even if you don’t want to become a nurse it is a field with many career options. Find out more about the many options in healthcare careers.

Your career options could also include going into one of the branches of Physiotherapy – if so read how to start a physiotherapy career, which is on the NHS Careers site dedicated to informing you about this and other healthcare professions.

Becoming a Pharmacy Technician is a challenging job. But the work is rewarding. David Shedd knows. He has over 8 years experience as a pharmacy technician and two years ago became a nationally certified pharmacy technician. Because he encountered many pitfalls in this industry, he wanted to help others avoid those mistakes and maximize their chances for advancement.

At his website Pharmacy Tech you will find ways to improve your skills and increase your knowledge base. Information about becoming registered, becoming certified, finding out about career options, assistance with resumes, and other helpful stuff is all there.

A job in the Oil and Gas Industry is not like getting a job in any other industry! Do you want a better job onshore or offshore? Our Job is to help you. Get your job search off to the fastest possible start by clicking the link.

Do you like dogs? Why not think about a career working with dogs and become a Dog Trainer – because dog training is becoming so much more in demand.

How about getting into a booming career as a website designer? Find out how easy it is to make your own website as the start of a new career / business and then use the knowledge to build websites for other people. You could even use it to create your own Affiliate marketing business.

You already know me because of my career coaching and CV writing, but could you be interested in coaching as a career?

Work Out Your Career Options

If you are going to realize a TRUE sense of fulfillment you must be honest with yourself and accept no excuses.

(If you are a student go to my student job search tips) It’s in your own hands so ask yourself these questions:

  • What does your job or career mean to you?
  • What sort of person are you?
  • What do you want from a job?
  • What would having a good job get you?
  • How would you know you have got the job you really want?
  • Who else is affected by your decisions?
  • Why can’t you get the job you want?
  • Are you prepared to put in the effort required to gain something you really want?
  • What career options are now open to you?

Why not take a free personality test to help you work out your preferred options?

Let’s say your career options include oil and gas industry jobs, what would you need to think about?

Take a good look at this list to help you decide when you make your career choices.

These are the conditions or qualities that make you feel satisfied with your own situation, and most often, the absence of this quality has a negative effect on your satisfaction level. For example: if you are happiest being able to set your own pace and make your own decisions without close supervision, then ‘Autonomy’ would rank highly on the list of your options. This factor would heavily influence your career choices.

  • AchievementTo accomplish things I feel are important
    To reach the highest position in my field or organisation
  • Affection To receive and share warmth, caring, companionship with my family, or with my friends and co-workers
  • Affiliation To be liked by others and invited to join in with groups; To work closely alongside others; or be part of a team
  • Autonomy To be able to act in accordance with my own rules and priorities; To be free of close organisational supervision
  • Challenge To be engaged in interesting, challenging work
  • Competence To be respected for my competence, to have my abilities recognised by others
  • Expertise To become a respected authority in what I do; To achieve the highest excellence in my work
  • Family To spend time with my family; to have harmonious family relationships; To contribute to the development of my children
  • Personal Growth To develop my full potential; become a better and more rounded person; seeking to learn, change and develop myself
  • Health Physical health, fitness, diet
  • Integrity To be honest; to stand up for my beliefs
  • Leadership To exert influence by example, to direct the efforts of others
  • Location To live where and how I want to
  • Money To be financially secure
  • Pleasure To have fun; to enjoy my life and my work
  • RecognitionTo have status; to earn the respect and recognition of others
  • Service To help other people; to feel that I am making a contribution to the well-being of others and improve society
  • Spirituality Inner harmony; to be at peace with myself; to live by my religious beliefs

These will be important in different ways to different people, but if you consider what they mean to you and you alone, you will be able to choose your options on the basis of what’s important to you.

Now you have decided what is important you need to add in how you can contribute effectively to a new role and the decision becomes a matter of choice.

If all of the career options are closed to you, what about Retirement, which may not need to be completely stopping all work?

Make sure you use all the available resources to help you make the right career options decisions. Take a free Career Test to measure your skills, abilities, values and interests so you can start to identify promising jobs. Wouldn’t it also be useful if you knew which jobs you are best suited to? Whatever job type you choose, please try to get the maximum Job Satisfaction to keep you feeling happy and fulfilled.

Visit Psychometric Tests for more detailed information about the range of psychometric tests and what they mean to you when choosing your career options.

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